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Save 10% with 1 Year Purchase

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Offshore Web Hosting’s Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable offshore hosting offers a practical solution for individuals and businesses looking to host services outside their home country. Wondering if offshore hosting is right for you? We’re here to address all your questions and help you choose the perfect affordable offshore hosting plan that meets your needs.

Offshore webhosting is hosting either for your website or an application in a datacenter far away from your origin.

People who choose offshore webshosting, are in the need to host
sensitive content or just to keep privacy safe in an offshore location.
Read our Acceptable Use Policy.

We’re a premier offshore webhosting company. Our servers are in
Netherlands where we collaborate with an Offshore Datacenter

Being hosted in an international location, you receive complete privacy
that makes your clients feel secure too. please read our Terms of Services.

Power costs less in Netherlands than any other European or American city
and an offshore hosting service can pass on these savings to customers

A virtual private server is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. The virtual dedicated server also has a similar meaning.
An offshore virtual private server is a virtual machine that runs on a dedicated server far from your country, which can guarantee maximum privacy for you and your service.

When you need freedom of speech, to remain anonymous and to guarantee the privacy of the person who publishes content on the network and
to optimize speed for your customers abroad.

In free hosting, hosting providers monetize from ads on their hosted websites but in offshore hosting, hosting providers don’t place ads on their hosted websites to provide high-level data protection.